The Relationship between Design and Ergonomics: Inextricable or Tangential? Share with Friends
November 22, 2017 (Wed)  17:00  Europe/London

Frank trained as an exhibition designer and worked for major international exhibition companies before setting up his own creative consultancy offering a spectrum of design services: corporate identity, exhibition and interior design, language consultancy, event and venue design, PR and advertising.

After 25 years of international design practice he moved into business consultancy applying design thinking to business strategies and models. He was appointed as Chief Executive of the Chartered Society of Designers in 2001. He is also Chief Executive of The Register of Chartered Designers which he was instrumental in achieving in 2011 and Honorary Secretary of the Prince Philip Designers Prize which was founded in 1959. During his time at the Society he has overseen the design and development of a framework for professional design practice CPSK, an academic accreditation programme CEP and several design awards.

Frank has sat on the committees of various UK government, regional and educational initiatives, been a judge for international design award and has spoken at educational institutions and conferences in the UK, Europe and Asia. He currently sits on the UK QAA advisory board for Professional Statutory Regulatory Bodies, is a senate member of Genesis (a body representing UK SMEs), is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and a qualified Chartered Director.

The Chartered Society of Designers exists to promote concern for the sound principles of design in all areas in which design considerations apply, to further design practice and encourage the study of design techniques for the benefit of the community. In so doing, it seeks to secure and promote a professional body of designers and regulate and control their practice for the benefit of industry and the public.

Founded in 1930, CSD is the professional body for designers practicing across all design disciplines with members in some 30 countries. It is a registered charity and undertakes a range of charitable activities for the benefit of its stakeholders and the public.

The Society is active on the international stage holding Observer status of WIPO and is a founder member of the Hong Kong Design Centre and Federation of Hong Kong Design Associations. In addition, the Society holds and maintains The Register of Chartered Designers and is the only body with the power to award the title, Chartered Designer.

Our Vision: Ergonomics Everywhere